Landscape Photo Workshop
The Hills

Welcome to the Swiss Hobbitland.

The most famous group of hills in Switzerland

Photograph a unique landscape with many small hills, formed by ancient and long melted glaciers, dotted with single trees with interesting stories behind them. I will gladly take you with me to the Swiss Hobbitland.

Topics of the photo workshop "The Hills"

Camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance) in landscape photography
Backlighting & Sunset Photography with filter
Tips and Tricks

For whom is the photo workshop "The Hills" suitable?

This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn about landscape photography at sunset. You have basic knowledge of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. 

What equipment do you need?

A camera with manual adjustment options (including SLR, system camera, bridge camera, etc.)
Recommended is at least 1 lens in the standard focal length range and/or 1 lens in the medium telephoto range, such as a focal length of 70-200mm, a wide angle for other perspectives is also possible
Filters (are recommended)
Remote release (if available)

Details & Program

Workshop Program

We meet at the train station in Zug and then drive together to the location. After a short introduction on site about everything worth knowing about the landscape, the right settings for taking pictures of the sunset and the blue hour, we will move on to the practical part of the workshop.

You will take pictures in the gentle hilly landscape and have the opportunity to capture fantastic images of this unique region. We will use the different light conditions of the golden hour, the sunset and the blue hour to capture different moods.

This workshop is on private pasture land and will be held in consultation with the farmer who owns the land. The farmers also receive a contribution towards expenses.

Workshop Leader

Manuel Mohorovic
Various guest workshop leaders


CHF 250

What's included

✅ Theory section
✅ Comprehensive course documentation
✅ intensive support by the workshop leader(s)
✅ Snack and drinks

What's excluded

❌ Arrival and return journey
❌ Insurance

"The Hills" Workshop

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