Stormy Hills - Fine Art Print manumo-photography.

Stormy Hills - Fine Art Print

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Artist’s description

Anyone who has been following my work for some time will have noticed that I have a special connection to this place. I have already photographed this dreamlike landscape in different moods and lighting conditions. A few weeks ago I was allowed to witness a special atmosphere when the gentle hills were hit by a thunderstorm! Together with the last light of the sunset, the lightning and the thundering I managed to take a photo which I had imagined for a long time. Short time after I had taken the photo of the lightning, the thunderstorm overtook me in such a way that even I felt queasy and I definitely had to get down from the hills to get into the car. I love such weather photos and hope that you also like the dramatic atmosphere in this picture.

Materials used

The following materials are available for this photo print:

Original photo print on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Paper
Original photo print on Alu-Dibond
Original photo print behind acrylic glass with glossy surface
Original photo print behind acrylic glass with matt surface