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Swiss Alps Treasures

Explore and photograph the most beautiful landscapes in the Swiss Alps during golden autumn.


  • November 2, 2020
  • November 7, 2020
  • 08:00
  • 18:00


  • Swiss Alps Treasures
  • Switzerland


  • CHF 2790.-

Big photo tour in the Swiss Alps

Discover and photograph the most beautiful spots in the Swiss Alps for 6 days.

Accompany me and my friend Ramon Dürr to our photo tour and workshop in the Swiss Alps. We will visit some of the most spectacular places in Switzerland.

Take your photography skills to the next level and learn everything from composition to postprocessing. We will also teach you specific shooting techniques such as focus stacking, night photography, sunrise and sunset.

Day One – let’s meet and watch the magical sunset over Lago di Saoseo

Travel, meet and enjoy

You travel individually to Zurich airport. We meet either in Zurich at the main station or, if you are coming from abroad, at Zurich Airport. Together with the group we will then drive to Sfazu in Valposchiavo. From here we will take the 1.5 hour hike to Lake Saoseo and have lunch in the Rifugio. From the hut we will go in a short hike directly to the lake where we will prepare ourselves for the sunset.

At Lake Saoseo we will mainly focus on the sunset. If the weather is fine and the night sky is clear, we will extend the shooting into the night to capture the starry sky. The Saoseo mountain lake, idyllically situated in a larch forest, is a perfect location for photographing reflections, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful of its kind. It will surely enchant you too.

Day Two – Lej da Staz and the Landwasser Viaduct

Mystical morning hours at Lej da Staz

Lej da Staz is known for its mystical mornings, when the light morning breeze dances with the fog. Here we can take telezoom detail shots of the surrounding forest in addition to the classic reflection shot of the jetty.

The world famous Landwasser Viaduct

After the sunrise shoot at Lej da Staz, we head for the sunset to the impressive Landwasser Viaduct near Filisur. The 65 meter high and 136 meter long railway bridge which leads in an elegant curve over the gorge is part of the UNESCO world heritage since July 2008. With a view from the gorge below the impressive bridge arches towards the southwest we have the opportunity to take pictures of a wonderful sunset. If the weather is fine we will stay here long after sunset to capture the starry sky over the bridge. With long time exposures we can also include the passing train as light trails as a creative element in the picture.

Day Three – Scouting and Sunset around the Rhone Glacier

All about planning and realizing a sunset photo shoot

We use this location to take it easy. On this pass road there are several spots which you can reach comfortably at the roadside, as well as some which you can reach with a short but relatively steep hike uphill. We will deal here with the topic of location scouting and preparing a sunset photo shoot. You will get helpful tips and tricks to plan your future photo trips.

Days Four to Five – The waterfalls at Rosenlaui

Hidden waterfalls in a dreamlike place

Rosenlaui, the smallest village in Switzerland, lies in the middle of the valley of the same name in the Bernese Oberland. At 1328 metres above sea level, you have a fantastic view of the Wellhorn mountain and the Rosenlaui glacier, which is located above the Rosenlaui glacier gorge. Here we will take pictures of two impressive waterfalls, as well as various other spots to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Day Finale – End of the Photo Tour

Last sunrise, a lunch and a goodbye

On the last day we will capture the last sunrise of this photo tour together. Afterwards we will end the morning relaxed and have lunch together to deepen our new friendships. After we have packed all our things ready to travel again, we will drive together to Zurich city or airport, where everyone can start their individual journey home.


Comfortable hotels, mountain huts or similar

Depending on the location, we stay in traditional mountain huts or in comfortable 4 to 5 star hotels. Double rooms are booked in each case. If you prefer a single room, please let us know when booking. We can offer this for a small extra charge. Mountain huts are excluded. In these there are only shared rooms.

What’s Included?
  • Overnight stays in hotels or mountain huts
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Intensive support and instruction by the workshop leaders
  • Detailed course material including tips and tricks for landscape photography
  • The possibility to test Haida filters
What’s Not Included
  • Individual arrival/departure to and from the meeting point
  • All drinks
  • Snacks for in between
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance

Impressions of locations

Tour Guides and Coaches

Hello, I’m Ramon

Ramon Dürr Photography

The love for nature and the lonely enjoyment in the most remote places makes landscape photography an even more interesting and for me unique passion.
Behind every picture there is a story, a secret and memories. To be a part of it and to inspire and enchant other people with it is the most beautiful side effect and the best reward for my work.

The good preparation and planning is responsible for more than 50% of the picture. If you are lucky and nature doesn’t play into your cards, you only have to press the trigger at the right time.

Check out Ramon’s website: ramon-duerr.ch

Hello, I’m Manuel

MANUMO Landscape Photography

A walk on a fine line between minimalist simplicity, reality and hyper-reality.
This is how I see my imagery. Everything I want to convey to the viewer of my photos should be visible in one picture. Therefore I work with different shooting techniques like multiple exposures, focus stacking, timeblending, different exposure times and yes, sometimes even simple single shots.

If you like my work and want to learn my techniques and my workflow, you are welcome to accompany me in a personal coaching session or during one of my photo tours or workshops.

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