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Lakes & Waterfalls Plitvice National Park

Explore and capture the fairytale lakes and waterfalls at UNESCO World Heritage site Plitvice National Park in Croatia


  • July 4, 2021
  • July 8, 2021
  • 12:00
  • 18:00


  • Plitvice Lakes National Park , Plitvice Selo , Plitvice , HR 53231
  • Croatia


  • CHF 1790

Fairytales from the Lakes – Photo Tour

16 lakes, countless waterfalls,Β breathtaking nature and a glowing mini spectacle.

Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape in the middle of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This photo tour takes you to the breathtaking lakes and waterfalls of the National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site Plitvice Lakes in the heart of Croatia. Surrounded by a vast forest, countless waterfalls make their way through a unique natural landscape and fill 16 smaller and larger lake basins along the way.

Our house is located in the middle of the park in a small village called Plitvice Selo. This allows us to spend a relaxing and eventful stay, focus on the many photo spots and avoid the big tourist crowds that usually arrive around noon.

In this photo tour we will be able to capture the actual nature spectacle, the lakes and the waterfalls, as well as another special spectacle which takes place at this time.Β Right in the surrounding woods near our house the fireflies are active. This glowing spectacle takes place every year in a short time between the end of June and July, and we have the opportunity to capture it photographically and create fairytale-like images.

Day One – Arrival to Plitvice

Travel, meet and enjoy

You travel individually to Zagreb. Here you are already expected at the airport. You will be driven in a comfortable van directly to Plitvice Selo (about 2 hours drive). The later afternoon is an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit and in the early evening there is a first opportunity to take pictures. In the later evening we enjoy a first dinner together.

Day Two – The upper Lakes

Explore, photograph and learn

On the second day we will start with locations at the upper lakes of the park. Here are many small spots with smaller and larger waterfalls and streams in the shade of the cozy trees. We will use the morning time productively to capture the sunrise mood and will also experiment with different exposure times by using different ND filters to tame the wild waterfalls and make longexposures so we can get these beautiful smooth waters with some structure in it. After the morning shoot we go back to our accommodation. After having breakfast together, you have free time to explore the park on your own, before we meet again in the late afternoon to go together for a sunset shoot.

Day Three – The lower Lakes

Great Lakes, great views and a the waterfall

On the third day we mainly focus on the lower lakes with the bigger waterfalls. In some places we will be able to work with reflections and at other higher spots we catch the park in its full beauty as a big vista. On this day we will also work with various exposure times to capture the water in many possible emotions. Depending on whether the place is accessible, we make a detour into a small cave with a beautiful view into the park. As always, we will practice photographing each morning and evening during the Golden and Blue Hours. In the hours in between you can either explore the park on your own or join in the postprocessing part of the Photo Tour. Of course everyone can do a little siesta if he feels it necessary.

Day Four – In the Woods

A symphony of fairies in the forest

This day we spend in the surrounding woods to capture beautiful photos of trees and dreamy forest scenes. We leave early in the morning to photograph the mystical mood of the forest in the morning light. After the shooting we will do a guided tour through the park where we will get interesting information about the park and learn something about the unique nature of the National Park Plitvice. The afternoon is back at leisure and we meet in the late afternoon to prepare for a special evening shoot. We go to a nearby forest and take pictures of fireflies. Yeah right, fireflies! In July, these little fairies are active and we have the opportunity to make really unique looking pictures.

Day Finale – End of the Photo Tour

Last sunrise, a lunch and a goodbye

On the last day we will visit a sunrise location to take some nice morning pictures for the last time. After that we will end the morning relaxed and enjoy a lunch together and deepen the new friendships. After we have packed all our things back in the bag ready for travel, we will transfer together to the Zagreb airport where everyone can catch his flight back home.


At home with good friends, Lake Fairy Plitvice or similar

The bed and breakfast is very close to the park entrance. The beautiful accommodation comes with a shower and a TV. Some rooms have views of the forest or a small stream. A wonderful family-owned accommodation in the midst of an idyllic landscape.

Tour guides and coaches

Hello, I’m Ramon

Ramon DΓΌrr Photography

The love for nature and the lonely enjoyment in the most remote places makes landscape photography an even more interesting and for me unique passion.
Behind every picture there is a story, a secret and memories. To be a part of it and to inspire and enchant other people with it is the most beautiful side effect and the best reward for my work.

The good preparation and planning is responsible for more than 50% of the picture. If you are lucky and nature doesn’t play into your cards, you only have to press the trigger at the right time.

Check out Ramon’s website: ramon-duerr.ch

Hello, I’m Manuel

MANUMO Landscape Photography

A walk on a fine line between minimalist simplicity, reality and hyper-reality.
This is how I see my imagery.Β Everything I want to convey to the viewer of my photos should be visible in one picture. Therefore I work with different shooting techniques like multiple exposures, focus stacking, timeblending, different exposure times and yes, sometimes even simple single shots.

If you like my work and want to learn my techniques and my workflow, you are welcome to accompany me in a personal coaching session or during one of my photo tours or workshops.

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