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Personal Coaching

Want to take your landscape photos to the next level? But you prefer a one-to-one lesson instead of a workshop with several participants?

In this case my personal coaching is just right for you.

When? Individual appointment possible

  • September 1, 2019
  • December 31, 2020
  • 12:00
  • 12:00

Where? In Switzerland

  • Choose a location
  • Switzerland


  • CHF 400 - 800
This event has been postponed

Coaching in person – English Edition

I am pleased that you like my picture world and that you are interested in personal coaching with me.

I am happy to take you on one of my tours to show you one of my favourite spots in Switzerland and also my way of photographing these beautiful landscapes and artistically transforming them into a picture.

You have the need to take your photos to the next level, to get to know your camera better to get more out of it than just snapshots?

Then a photo course in the form of personal coaching is just the thing for you. From the basics of photography such as aperture, exposure time and ISO, to finding appealing compositions and post-processing on the computer, you will be supported by me.

This personal coaching is aimed at beginners and amateur photographers who want to take their photographic skills to the next level. Depending on your previous knowledge and wishes, we will dedicate ourselves to either landscape or city photography.

Landscape and city photography

You are especially interested in landscape or city photography and would like to prepare yourself for your upcoming trips to take the perfect souvenir photos?

In this personal coaching we will go through the important questions such as the choice of location, searching and finding an appealing composition of the picture. We will also discuss the ideal equipment such as the right tripod, lenses and, if necessary, filters. Other important points we will address are the planning of your future shootings. Which times are ideal to shoot dreamlike photos? Why does it make sense to stay longer at a spot? What is the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour? How and when do I make long exposures? When does it make sense to make short exposures? You will certainly have one or two questions.

What awaits you

Depending on your knowledge I adapt the Personal Coaching. I will individually cater to your needs.

What can you learn?

  • Relationship between aperture, ISO and exposure time
  • Camera handling: how do I pick up a camera?
  • How do I position myself?
  • Camera: is expensive better?
  • Lenses: which lenses make sense when and why?
  • Material science: what do I need to photograph?
  • Shooting mode: Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual
  • Photographing on the tripod
  • Photographing at the blue hour and at night
  • Backlit photography
  • Image editing Basics: Get the most out of your photos in a simple way
  • How and where can I publish my pictures?
  • Nature First Photography Principles


After registration and confirmation I will contact you to get to know you and your photographic skills as well as your wishes and ideas. At the Personal Coaching appointment we will go through these questions and your answers again. Then we go into practice. My personal coaching is very flexible and tailored to your needs, so I can’t give you any precise guidelines at the moment. I would like to pick you up at your knowledge level and continue from there.

What you need:

I assume that you have purchased a compact camera, a reflex camera or a mirrorless system camera. These models usually have a manual mode so we can work with them. I photograph with Canon myself and can give you the best tips here. Meanwhile I also know Sony and Nikon. If you should photograph with another model, please take the instruction manual with you, if available. I will have a short look at the basics, but the basic theory remains the same. And as the saying goes: Creativity is model-independent! The photographer takes the picture, not the camera!

In addition, you have a lot of fun and motivation with photography and would like to go a step further.


Personal Coaching half day (4 hours), One to One Lessons: 400.- CHF
Personal Coaching full day (8 hours), One to One Lessons: 800.- CHF

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